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Ferry Only

Ferry transfer departing Seisia twice daily. Book for either 8am or 4pm, boarding 15 minutes prior.

Peddells passenger ferry links Thursday Island to Seisia on Cape York. Thursday Island is the shopping and commercial hub in Torres Strait. Trip duration approx 1 hr 10 mins one way. Choose am or pm departures.

Bus only tours

The islands’ hidden past is revealed on Peddell’s comprehensive coach tour.

Thursday Island's history comes alive on this comprehensive guided tour. Military, Cultural and Maritime history, sweeping views, entertaining commentary. Step back to 1893 when you visit Green Hill Fort. Built in response to a Russian War scare, its’ now silent 6" breach loading guns still jut out menacingly over the islands’ main...

Ferry and bus combos

Catch a ferry and enjoy a day tour.

If time is of the essence and you can only spare one day..take Peddells Ferry to Thursday Island -departs Seisia Jetty. Enjoy a tour of discovery with our expert guides. Visit Green Hill Fort, Torres Strait's Museum and the Japanese Pearl Divers Memorial, shop for a perfect pearl, lunch at a top pub. Bid farewell, sail into the sunset taking...



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